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I'm Margaux - Wedding Planner, Cancer Survivor, Educator and Speaker

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Running a Profitable Wedding Business Isn't Easy.

But....It's Also Not As Hard As Some Would Have You Believe.

I'm here to help Wedding Pros take control of their business

With the Value of Hindsight

In 2014 I was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. After taking nearly 2 years off from my wedding business, I had the time to figure out what was working and what wasn't. And now I'm passing that knowledge on to you.

With Some Tough Love

There are some things I think our industry is doing very, very wrong - and your sanity is paying the price. So I'm going to tell it to you straight -- what I think needs to change, what I know works even if it's not popular, and why it can work for you too.

With Tried & True Systems

All of my education features systems that have been tested by me and my students for years. We know they work, and we know what they can do for your wedding business.

Check out the latest course: Accelerate Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups


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