Over the last three years, more than 15,000 wedding professionals from over 20 countries have benefited from the Wedding Summit Series - an online summit for wedding pros.

Our single-topic summits have covered everything from Design to Marketing to Growing Your Business and Client Experience, and with our recent SALES Edition in March 2024, we celebrated our 10th event! 

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March 2024: SALES

Harness expert sales strategies to fuel more leads, improve closing rates, and maximize profits for your wedding business in 2024.  

Recordings Avail. August 2024

December 2023: MONEY

Make your hard earned money finally start working for you! Learn how to price your packagesqualify for tax breaks and build wealth for your future.

Recordings Avail. May 2024

February 2023: Marketing + Advertising

Make more $$ in your wedding business with a winning marketing strategy, content that speaks to your ideal client, and advertising you actually see a return on

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August 2022: GROWTH

Add the right servicesexpand your reach, and build a dynamic team to make more $$$ (without adding more work to your plate)

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Ensure less stress in your business, gain time for your family + life, and make more $$$ with a rave-worthy client experience.

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Hone your design skills, gain the confidence to sell design services, and make more $$$ by adding design to your wedding business.  

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February 2021: COMMUNITY

Learn how to build a strong referral network, get more qualified leads, and make more $$$ through partnership

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Looking for Vendor-Specific Education? 

We do that too with our workshops!  

January 2024: PLANNERS

Empowering Planners at Every Stage:   Navigate Post-Pandemic Shifts, Confidently Close Sales, and Turn Client Challenges into Joyful Celebrations

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September 2023: OFFICIANTS

Mastering the Art of Marketing, Sales and Memorable Unions. How to market your services, boost sales and create ceremonies that couples will cherish forever.  

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July 2023: VENUES

Supercharge your venue's success! Stand out (and sell out) while seamlessly onboarding couples and safeguarding your property.

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Kate Hall

"The Wedding Summit Series is an absolute must for wedding professionals no matter if you are a seasoned pro or just starting out! The summit gave me clear and specific steps I can take to be better both client facing and fellow vendor facing. Attendees and speakers were all very active in the FB group answering questions and networking. There is so much to learn that you`ll want to grab the all access pass which allows you to go through everything at your own pace. Overall a great experience!"

Gillian Katsoulis

"The Wedding Summit Series - Community Edition was the BEST summit I've done. Hands down! It was incredibly engaging and so exciting to see people participating in the Facebook group asking and answering great questions and connecting with each other. The presentations were super valuable and I never felt like I was listening to someone's sales pitch — it was just genuine community-building and sharing useful information. Loved it and cannot wait for the next one!"

Some of our amazing past speakers and partners!

Renee Dalo


Jove Meyer

Kylie Carlson

Meghan Ely

Cece Todd

Andrea Eppolito

Cristina Barragan

Eliana Baccicault

Michelle Loretta

Kirsten Ott Palladino

Amber Anderson

Mary Phan

Jose Rolon

Bethel Nathan

Megan Gillikin

Chip Dizárd

Brandee Gaar

 Wedding Summit Series: what to know


 + Over 12,000 Wedding Pro Attendees 

+ Over 200 Speakers, Panelists + Partners

+ Nearly 80+ hours of recorded education each round

+ A brand new experience each summit!




Olufunke Somotun

"I came across the link to the summit in one of the planner emails I regularly received and just decided to register. It’s the best decision I’ve made. I hope I am able to put everything in practice so that there will be a change in my business. Thank you for making it free!"

Stephanie Ming

"The wedding Summit was not only SUPER helpful to grow my small business but also so entertaining and enjoyable. After each class I felt like I had met a new friend and he had just shared all of his business how to secrets!!!"


Hi there - I'm Margaux Fraise.

I’m the founder + host of the Wedding Summit Series, and the creator of the 'Styled Shoot Success' course and 'The Only Option' VIP Day for wedding pros. 

Four years after starting my planning company, Harmony Creative Studio, I was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer and was forced to take a step back from my business. It was jus a preview of what everyone would experience with the pandemic. 

In the fall of 2020 it became clear to me that we needed a new way to connect. I had always loved the summit model, and I knew every wedding pro out there could benefit from truly accessible online education.

So , the Wedding Summit Series was born! The 2x a year premier online summit for wedding professionals. For each summit, we tackle a new topic of education within the wedding industry - and find the best partners to help us do it.

We've been fortunate to have over 200+ speakers, educators, brands, sponsors, associations and others join us for our first three years of successful summits. We've amassed over 300+ hours of educational content so far, and we can't wait to keep on going!